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Welcome to EntengCheeseDesaldotPh

Enteng Cheese-Desal is one of the most promising and fast growing food chains in the country.

Mainly focused on Filipino’s most popular breakfast and snack, Enteng Cheese-Desal is growing rapidly.

Started in 2016, the family-owned company launched Enteng Malunggay Pandesal to its initial franchise three stores located in North Caloocan, Valenzuela and in Meycauayan, Bulacan, with its Commissary strategically located at the center of its operation in Deparo, Caloocan City. The stores rapidly grew due to market demands.

In 2018, MyPandesal Inc. was organized as a result of the rapidly growing store chains. The company owns more than 100 stores located in Bulacan, Caloocan and Valezuela Cities. The main production plant located at Marilao, Bulacan was built to support more than 1,000 stores was also launched early 2018.


  • Provide new Business Opportunity for Juan Dela Cruz and contribute employment to the country.
  • To give excellent service and quality pandesal.


  • Every streets and cities you can find Enteng Cheese-Desal store.